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  1. Keep your fingernails short and clean.

  2. Gis should be washed after EACH use and you must practice good hygiene (wear a rash guard, deodorant, clean feet, etc.).

  3. If you have any type of skin infection (staph, ringworm, etc.) you will not be allowed to train until it is cleared up. These bacterial & fungal infections are highly contagious and can quickly spread.

  4. Respect the higher belts and the mats (clean up after yourself)

  5. Shoes must always be worn when you're off the mats.

  6. Changing MUST be done in the changing rooms not near or on the mats.

  7. Show up to class on time and always inform the professors if you're going to be late.

  8. NO jewelry must be worn (except silicone, etc.)

  9. If sick, please stay home and rest. Training can wait until you’re healthy.

  10. Everyone here is family, be careful and use control with your training partner. When rolling with a smaller partner, be cautious of your weight. Don’t Break Your Toys!



Treat everyone with respect. To keep the gym a “well-oiled machine” we need everyone’s cooperation.

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